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The Sundering Wall

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Get the paperback direct from the author; signed copy on request. "A brilliant sequel"
"I would never have guessed this storyline was coming. It continues to twist and turn unexpectedly but believably."
"The reader is drawn into the subtleties of the unimaginable dilemmas they have to work through. Gripping! Now I can't wait for Vol 3!!!"

A new journey of discovery begins.

Having finally broken with the Guild of Dawnsingers, Jerya and Railu are joined by Rodal as they strike out into the mountains. None of them have any idea what lies beyond the borders of the map, or if there are feasible passes through the high peaks.

Tensions mount under the strain of the hazardous journey, and thoughts return to their former lives and friends left behind, but Jerya’s determination drives them on. Each will be tested in different ways as they draw closer to unravelling the ultimate mystery of the Unsung Lands

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