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Three Kinds of North

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Get the paperback direct from the author; signed copy on request.

'Fascinating story brilliantly told'… 'absolutely captivating!'… 'I can't wait for the next volume'… 'a cracking read'… 'also has a gentle and tender love story.'

A distant future. A recovering world.

Remnants of a shattered moon traverse the skies, memorials to an ancient and nearly-forgotten conflict. In an isolated northern land, society is overseen by the reclusive, all-female, Guild of Dawnsingers, which holds a monopoly on advanced learning. Life seems peaceful and well-ordered. But are the Dawnsingers as benevolent as they seem? What secrets are they hiding?

And what really lies beyond the mountains in the East?

Orphan Jerya unexpectedly finds a home in the Dawnsingers' Guild, but her new life turns sour. Soon she finds herself struggling to reconcile the exhilaration of learning with her growing doubts about the very basis of the Guild's rule. Ultimately she faces an agonising choice which could utterly change her life, and the lives of her two most trusted friends.

Award-winning outdoor writer Jon Sparks turns to speculative fiction in the first book of the genre-stretching Shattered Moon series.

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