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Here are all the outlets I know of. Please let me know if you spot any others.

Most of these offer paperback and e-book options. The paperbacks are Print-on-Demand so may take a little longer to arrive. In case of urgency please contact me direct as I'll usually have copies on hand. Shipping to the UK is easy; in other areas you're probably better off looking for an alternative.

UK customers can also order paperbacks direct from my online store. If you're in another country but would like a signed copy, or if you're having difficulty obtaining the ebook, please contact me.

Like it or not, Amazon is too obvious to ignore.
The Sundering Wall is now here too.

There is currently a glitch with the listing of Vows and Watersheds. The paperback and ebook are both there but not currently linked. Please click on the format you're looking for.


E-books (epub or mobi) are also available here: Three Kinds of North​; The Sundering Wall; Vows and Watersheds

For Apple Books readers (like me), go here.

The Sundering Wall is here.

Vows and Watersheds is here.

For e-readers, there's also KoboThe Sundering Wall is here. Vows and Watersheds.

In the UK, you can also get Three Kinds of North at Waterstone's and Blackwells.

The Sundering Wall is at Waterstone's and Blackwells.

Vows and Watersheds at Waterstone's and Blackwells.

In North America, you can order from Barnes & Noble.  The Sundering Wall is here. Vows and Watersheds.

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